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How AI in Marketing can Improve Your Pipeline Generation Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is frequently employed in marketing to save time and improve decision making. Automated judgments are made by AI marketing platforms based on collected data. Many modern marketers employ AI-based marketing to to handle the most tactical, nuance-free aspects of their jobs.

Components of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

There’s no denying the importance of AI in marketing, which is why it’s being used to improve how businesses communicate with their customers. There needs to be a bridge between the vast volumes of customer data being collected and how to use that in marketing. Here are the following components of AI in marketing that make up today’s leading solutions.

1. Machine Learning

Marketers rely heavily on ML to better understand their clients, especially when dealing with enormous amounts of data that require careful analysis and prediction of the next steps. With the help of ML, marketers may automate the process of making a well-informed decision based on the identification and prediction of customer trends, responses, and reactions. The AI marketer’s go-to for assessing data points from previously collected data is a machine learning solution.

2. Products for Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Successful AI-powered systems provide a hub for marketers to make sense of the vast amounts of data that are collected. You may use the information gleaned from these systems to decide how to reach your target demographic. 

3. Big Data Analytics

Big data strategy appears to be the preferable answer for AI Marketing in light of the tough competition in the market today and the complexity of data analysis required to optimize performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing necessitates the automated analysis of massive volumes of organized and unorganized data, particularly from new sources, which is where big data comes in.

Four ways to make pipeline generation more efficient with AI

Here are four ways AI is used in marketing to make pipeline generation more efficient:

  1. Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

LinkedIn and other social media sites, websites, apps, email, live events, online content, recommendations, and more can all be used to generate leads for businesses. A powerful AI system can aid in this labor-intensive procedure in many aspects. An ideal customer profile and leads matching that persona can be developed with the help of machine learning tools by analyzing data and identifying patterns. Artificial intelligence-powered technologies comb the web for individuals and companies that are a good fit for your target market, generating a list of qualified leads for your sales and marketing teams.

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns

Artificial intelligence software can do more than just acquire leads; it can also identify and segment B2B marketing campaigns’ ideal target groups based on their similarities and distinctions.

It can automatically give more money to the most effective campaigns once they have been identified for a certain audience across media. Additionally, it can boost the campaign response rate by optimizing campaigns.

  • Scores for prospective leads based on historical data

It’s important to avoid wasting time and resources on unqualified leads. Once you have a list of leads, the AI system can quickly and efficiently qualify and score them using machine learning techniques like classification, clustering, and regression.

To score and rank leads, AI models look at historical data on the company’s conversion rate and the actual behaviors of previous leads. The length of time required to close deals is also estimated.

  • Prospecting with the help of AI

Companies lose money when leads aren’t acted upon and nurtured at the appropriate times. In a business sense, that’s terrible. Robotics and AI are to the rescue once again. Tools that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) may automatically and personally begin contact with leads across several channels, such as email and text messages.


Marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve should look to AI for assistance in improving customer segmentation, increasing interaction with their target audience, and implementing dynamic content strategies. As time goes on, every marketer will rely heavily on all of these AI components, along with many others.