Orchestrating Account Journeys for B2B organizations

Re-imagining  B2B customer experience through intelligent account journey orchestration to boost qualified pipeline.

Demand Generation teams
spend over $250B in nurturing
and qualifying accounts with
sub-optimal outcomes

Failing to generate qualified pipeline for predictable revenue.

Current B2B Demand Generation toolset does not solve for complex and
non-linear Buying Journeys

Account Information

Aggregating and maintaining  datasets across multiple data providers resulting in complexity.

Siloed Data

Account data is spread across multiple systems (viz. Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement, Sales Intelligence, CRM, Customer Success etc.)

Disjointed Experience

Inability to map B2B buyer journey leads to a disjointed customer experience and sub-optimal sales metrics.

Driving a coordinated account outreach between sales & marketing,driven by a deep understanding of account buying journeys for a seamless customer experience

Re-imagining account journeys with BambooBox Platform

Inverting the Conversion funnel for improved revenue operations

BambooBox (B2) is an account-based engagement platform to drive improved qualification and velocity. We do this through a deep understanding of buying journey and by leveraging a multi-dimensional journey stage using the buyer journey determination model to drive stage appropriate engagement.

Platform Features

Journey Orchestration

Journey Orchestration

AI driven Next-Best-Action based on account buying journey.

Journey Stage Determination

Journey Stage Determination

Multi-dimensional stage determination model based on 100s of static and dynamic data points.

Unified Account View

Unified Account View

Get rich insights into your target account with account hub.

Account Enrichment

Account Enrichment

Boost your account enrichment data with B2 Prospect management module get new contact information and validate existing information.

About Us

We are a team of passionate sales & marketing professionals and technologists looking to Re-imagining the traditional approach of B2B Account Journeys with a mission to harmonize customer experience and augment pipeline conversions.

We are excited to know more about your B2B Account Journeys

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