What is AI Marketing

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What is AI Marketing

In 2022, marketing depends on customers – they dictate what they want to see. Artificial intelligence or AI marketing technology enables you to target exact demographics. The collaboration of AI and marketing may sound more science fiction, but it is here right now. Let’s find out more about artificial intelligence meaning, AI in marketing, and how it changes the current marketing landscape.

What is AI-based marketing

AI-based marketing uses AI technologies to automate decisions based on data analysis and observations from user behavior. AI tools use data and customer profiles to find ways to communicate with customers at a specific time.

What areas of marketing can AI improve

Artificial intelligence affects the following three major areas of marketing.

1. Decision-making capabilities 

AI marketing encourages you to make data-backed decisions and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

  • Which channels should you utilize for a particular campaign?
  • How much money should you invest in that campaign?
  • What will be the exact demographics for campaigns?

If you are seeking answers to these vital questions of modern marketing, then AI marketing tools can help you find a precise answer by ingesting and analyzing relevant data. AI in marketing can help you make better informed decisions, connect with your customers in new ways, and engage them for a longer time.

2. Simplifies everyday tasks

Do you want to do away with the mundane daily tasks and concentrate on your core business? Artificial intelligence in marketing allows you to simplify repetitive tasks. Be it putting together data, creating reports, or organizing workflow for your teams – AI marketing can do it all.

3. Infuse life into your digital transformation

AI lets you utilize data up to its full extent. AI marketing can help create marketing processes where future campaigns and data are interdependent. AI in marketing lets you significantly increase your returns on investment (ROI).

How does AI marketing make life easier for marketers?

Here’s how AI marketing makes life easier for you:

1. Predictive marketing

Predictive analytics delivers efficient insights to understand campaign effectiveness, predict customer behavior, and make precise decisions. Using historical data with AI solutions helps marketers predict upcoming trends (or customer needs) and optimize their campaigns.

2. Forecast customer behavior

AI marketing enables you to curate relevant messaging by observing how customers behave. You can do this by segmenting customers based on various parameters like gender, generation, location, language, buying history, etc., and find out what will most likely match each segment’s needs.

3. Personalization

Delivering a personalized experience is one of the most challenging things for marketers in today’s digital space. Around 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands if they offer a personalized experience.

Personalization, if done manually, is a time-consuming activity. Besides, humans cannot analyze large databases in a short time – there is always too much information to process.

AI marketing tools and platforms help you make sense of large-scale databases and target prospective customers. AI algorithms help you propose relevant campaign recommendations by analyzing the account’s behavioral patterns and preferences using historical data.

4. Chatbots 

Multiple brands consider chatbots as a crucial part of customer communication. According to a study by Statista, the chatbots market will reach $1.25 billion by 2025. AI-powered chatbots can engage in real-time conversations with users and address their pain points as quickly as possible.

5. AI-based content creation

The substantial benefit of AI marketing is content creation. AI-powered content generators use NLP software to convert structured data into text. This has multiple benefits:

  • It improves content curation.
  • It eases the repurposing of old, long-form content into small bits.

But, it has its downsides – it lacks common sense and can be tricked into saying incorrect things that an average human would never say.

6. Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is an effective tool for marketers to track online discussions, emails, and reviews to analyze users’ emotions. It uses ML and natural language processing to identify customer emotions (expressed in words) about a product or brand.

This way, brands can:

  • Find more upsell opportunities.
  • Identify key emotional triggers to improve sales.
  • Develop adaptive customer service.

AI Marketing is not the future; it is already here

Whether you’re on board with artificial intelligence marketing or not, it is an essential tool for your businesses in the long run. AI-based marketing empowers you to:

  • Increase your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Reduce running costs of marketing.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Boost sales.

While human imagination and strategies are still crucial in driving engagement, creating automation rules and successfully implementing them will benefit you in the long run.