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Forrester B2B Customer Data Platform Landscape Q3 2023

B2B marketing has become increasingly complex with 9000+ martech point solutions. The average B2B marketer juggles between ten to twelve different tools, each serving as a piece of the puzzle in managing customer data, diverse channels, and the intricate task of analyzing data across these channels. Despite having all these tools, only 13% of marketers feel confident they are using their data effectively.

Effective utilization of these tools is complex due to the challenges of integrating all the systems, collecting data from them, and getting an integrated view of all channels and accounts.

At BambooBox, our mission is to eliminate the complexity of managing multiple martech solutions and empower B2B marketers to focus on strategies and tactics that will drive results. Our customer data platform integrates with all the martech tools and channels, bringing all account activities together. Our CDP platform empowers marketers to shift from activities to revenue-focused marketing by viewing everything through an account lens.

We are excited to be recognized as a notable vendor in Forrester’s report on The B2B Customer Data Platform Landscape, Q3 2023. As one of the few vendors included in both “The B2B Revenue Marketing Landscape, Q2 2023” and “The B2B Customer Data Platform Landscape, Q3 2023”, this recognition is a significant milestone for us.

Forrester defines a B2B CDP as:

“A platform that unifies customer data from first-, second-, and third-party sources and makes it available through a separate persistent store of account and customer profiles to systems of insight and engagement; advanced functionality includes audience building and segmentation, reporting, journey orchestration, and recommended next best actions.”

According to the Forrester report, B2B customer data platforms (CDPs) help in integrating customer data from various internal and external sources, enhancing customer understanding, and building and segmenting audiences for activation.

Modern CDP platforms leverage AI to deliver actionable insights, drive personalized customer experiences, and recommend next-best actions.

“In today’s ever-evolving business environment, marked by shifting marketing KPIs and a growing demand for buyer-centric marketing experiences, CDPs play a pivotal role in ensuring marketing success. Marketing professionals should invest in martech tools that help them achieve their revenue goals.

We are leveraging AI to build deeper insights into data quality, account engagement, channel performance, content optimization, and opportunity analysis to help marketers identify gaps and take action.” ~ Ankur Saigal, Co-founder, BambooBox

To help marketers drive revenue goals, we will continue to build an innovative, world-class product and support our customers worldwide.