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Types of Content for Different B2B Marketing Funnel Stages


Not sure what type of content you should use for your B2B marketing funnel stages? Well, we got you covered.

This blog lists the most impactful types of content suitable for each stage of your marketing funnel. You can display specific content to your visitors, leads or customers, and skyrocket your conversions.

What type of content is suitable for different B2B marketing funnel Stages

Here are the three major stages of a B2B content marketing funnel and their relevant content.

TOFU or Top of Funnel

At this stage, it is likely that your visitors are not aware of your solution. They could be looking for content that tells them how your product/service can solve their problem. So, ideally, your content should understand their pain points, devise a solution, and establish your brand as a thought leader in the domain.

Here is the type of TOFU content or top-of-funnel content you can use:

1. Blog Posts

With high-quality blog posts, you can help your target audience learn about whatever they want. Also, blogs help improve your SEO rankings, enabling more visitors to discover you. 

P.S. Write blog posts that are at least 300 words to establish yourself as a thought leader.

2. How-To Videos and Educational Webinars

Around 94% of marketers say that a video has helped them increase their understanding of products or services—that is how effective videos are.

So, create how-to-videos for your audience to help them understand how your product/service solves their problem.

You can even go for webinars as they are similar to videos but more interactive.

3. Social Media Posts

Pew Research found that 72% of the public uses some type of social media. So, it is highly likely that your target audience is on social media, and this makes social media posts ideal for improving your reach.

4. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are guides or reports generated by an organization about a specific topic. These are often downloadable and are best for people who want in-depth knowledge on a particular subject.

P.S. Make sure your whitepapers have information that cannot be found elsewhere. This will help you attract customers, increasing the chances of conversion.

Marketing channels you can use

  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

MOFU or Middle of Funnel

Your visitors reach MOFU when they know about your solution and are weighing their options. According to HubSpot, 47% of the buyers view 3 to 5 content pieces before contacting a sales rep. So, this is your chance to shine with your unique selling points that make your product/service stand out.

Here you can see the type of MOFU content or middle-of-funnel content you can use to stand out:

1. Case Study

A case study can help convince your leads that your product/service works, which can further help them believe more in your product/service. Several popular brands, such as Asana, Amazon, HubSpot, etc., use case studies to build trust among their customers.

2. Product Comparison Guide

The MOFU stage is the consideration stage, where your leader will be comparing your product with other options. A product comparison guide can help make the right decision. So, send your leads a product comparison guide and covert more.

3. Free Sample

What is better than allowing your lead to try your product or service for free? This will let them know whether you can help, and if you can, they will probably move to the most important b2b marketing funnel stage, BOFU.

Marketing channels you can use

  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting/Remarketing
  • Social Media

BOFU or Bottom of Funnel

In the BOFU stage, you are left with quality leads looking for a push. You must choose content that captivates or convinces them to try your product.

Listed below are the types of BOFU content or bottom-of-funnel content you can use to make a sale:

1. Free Consultation Offer

Offering free yet valuable advice over a consultation call can help reduce stress and thus motivate your leads to make the purchase. So, try to send a free consultation call or email and explain what value you will offer through the same.

2. Free Trial or Live Demo

A free trial makes the leads think they have nothing to lose. Moreover, if your product/service solves their problem, they will probably convert. So, include a free trial email or live demo in your B2B content marketing funnel.

3. Coupon

Most people fall for discount coupons. It creates a FOMO in people that they might lose a deal if they do not make the purchase, giving them the push to make a sale.

Marketing channels you can use

  • Self-Service channels such as knowledge bases
  • Email marketing
  • Live chat and chatbots for service
  • Retargeting/remarketing
  • Loyalty programs

Improve conversions with specific content for different B2B marketing funnel stages

A social media post meant for increasing outreach will not be of use to a potential customer looking for solid proof that your product works. A case study is what that person needs.

Long story short, people at different b2b marketing funnel stages like to engage with different types of content. So, go through the above mentioned content types, include them in your content marketing strategy, offer the right content at the right time, and improve conversions.