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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics that You can Use


B2B lead generation can be tricky, especially when the market is so saturated and there’s cut-throat competition. However, the right lead generation tactics can help you easily beat your competitors and generate quality pipeline.

This blog post discusses the top 5 B2B lead generation tactics. You must include them in your lead generation strategy, and soon you’ll notice the difference.

What is lead generation

B2B lead gen or lead generation generates leads for companies (businesses). The leads here are prospects who’ve shown interest in your company’s products and services and become leads once they’ve shared their contact information, such as email, name, and job title.

5 B2B lead generation tactics that work

1.    Spotless lead generation forms

Your website is one of the most common places your prospects will land. And to ensure that they become leads, your lead generation forms must be top-notch. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Reduce or increase the number of fields.
  • Update the design of the lead gen form.
  • Change the position of the lead gen form.
  • Modify the info requested from the leads.
  • Improve the CTA.
  • Make sure the form doesn’t take up the entire screen.

2.    Boost your email marketing campaigns

While email marketing is quite a popular lead generation approach in the B2B domain, many businesses struggle to achieve good results. Perhaps, not being able to strategize the entire process is the reason. However, make sure that you don’t commit that mistake.

Here’s what you can do to supercharge your email marketing campaigns: 

  • Find your target segment.
  • Create a valuable lead magnet.
  • Display the lead magnet to your audience via social media and, in exchange, ask for an email.
  • Repeat if it works, else try other target segments until you find what works.

The above is an oversimplified version of how you can boost email marketing for lead generation. But, the simpler, the better.

3.    Focus on SEO

The more you’re visible to your target audience, the more leads you generate. And one way to become more visible to your audience is SEO.

If done right, SEO can rank your website on the top of Google search results for specific keywords. And when that happens, more people will see your website, which further means more leads. Here’s how you can up your SEO game:

  • Look for the keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Incorporate those keywords in your website (blogs, articles, landing pages, etc.) without fluffing.
  • Go for guest posts.
  • Work on your on-page SEO.
  • Or hire an SEO agency.

4.    Ace content marketing

This one goes without saying. Content marketing or publishing and distributing high-quality content goes a long way. Creating insightful content across all relevant channels will portray your business as a thought leader to a larger audience. And this, in turn, will improve the lead generation potential.

Here’s how you can do it right:

  • Find your target audience
  • Notice their pain points.
  • Create quality content that solves their problem.
  • Distribute that content so that your audience comes across it.
  • And if the content is genuinely valuable and insightful, you’ll be able to generate more leads.

5.    Focus on demand generation before following any of the above steps

Would you visit a website or interact with ads from a business you know nothing about? In all probability, not. And that’s the case with your prospects too. If you target them without them knowing you, your lead gen efforts will go in vain.

So, what should you do? Demand generation.

Demand generation is the process of increasing awareness of your brand among a broader target audience. The prime motive here is to let your prospects know of your brand and how it can solve their problems. Once the candidates see you, converting them into customers becomes easy. 

Here’s how you can do demand generation:

  • Create content & distribute it across various channels (content marketing).
  • Post the content that’s already doing good on other websites, groups, and social media (syndication)
  • Run ads.

6.    Bonus: prioritizing leads 

While this pointer won’t help you generate leads, it’ll surely help you convert more.

Several times sales reps have thousands of leads to deal with. And they deal with the leads randomly without prioritizing them. Because of this, the leads more likely to convert are missed, reducing conversions and the overall ROI. Solution? Lead scoring

With lead scoring, you can rank your leads based on how likely they are to make a purchase. The more likely leads can be dealt with on priority, boosting conversions, while those with less intent can be targeted later.

Go in with a lead generation strategy

While B2B lead generation may sound simple, it’s not. One misstep and you could ruin the entire plan. Therefore, you must be sure about how to manage your lead gen process. There are B2B lead generation companies that can help you. Or you can use b2b marketing tools that can automate a lot of the lead generation processes.