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combine bombora intent data with engagement data using bamboobox platform

Is Third-party Intent Data Enough to Decode Your Buyer’s Journey

The term ‘B2B intent data’ is widely used to refer to a range of signals that indicate a person’s interest in a topic. However, identifying the intent alone cannot tell if it’s an in-market buyer or just a person curious about a topic. We all find ourselves intrigued by a variety of topics. 

What are some of the ways that B2B sellers can use intent data to prioritize and personalize their marketing efforts? Here’s why choosing the right B2B platform that helps you make intent actionable is crucial. 

A pioneer of the intent data industry, Bombora captures intent from a large number of publishers and B2B websites in a traditional data provider model. Bombora’s intent data comes from the world’s largest consent-based data co-op, with buying signals across 5,000 websites and over 4 million companies. With some of the most accurate and differentiated B2B intent analysis in the industry, they provide some of the most robust buying cycle analysis in the industry.

Contextualizing Bombora’s intent for your business

An intent data can be a purchase signal or a more vague interest in a keyword or topic. Gathering intent information is just the first step. Making it contextual, relevant and specific to your ICP is where it really makes all the difference.

Furthermore, Bombora only tracks third-party signals on accounts, and it doesn’t help you identify the contacts you should target.

By configuring intent to align with relevant keywords, mapping competition, and establishing weighted intent topics based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), you can derive value from intent for your business. However, taking advantage of both 1st party intent and 3rd party intent data, while incorporating engagement journey analytics, has the potential to be a game changer for your business.

Get the most out of Bombora intent with BambooBox platform

a. BambooBox contextualizes intent topics to meet your business needs

  • BambooBox algorithm refines the intent data from Bombora to generate an intent level and score for each account
  • With Bombora intent signals and our ability to identify false positives, gain actionable insights about in-market buyers
  • Discover high-intent new accounts that match the customer’s ICP

b. Integrate all of your marketing data

  • Leverage historical sales intelligence to auto-configure your platform  
  • Integrate all your marketing channels to get first-party intent data  across your website, events, webinars etc 
  • Define weightages for each activitiy to accurately move them through different buying stages

c. Orchestrate journeys across different marketing channels

  • Create specific cohorts based on geography focus, engagement journey, intent, etc. to run campaigns across different channels
  • Funnel analytics to understand the impact of your campaigns on a weekly basis
  • Track account and contact level engagement across channels

Identify more potential opportunities to achieve your revenue goals

The most significant influence of the BambooBox platform on your GTM motion is an increase in qualified pipeline generation. This essentially means more quality potential opportunities and in turn better opportunities. Here are some of the ways you’ll see these play out in terms of your week-on-week pipeline movement:

  • More high-intent buyers identified through third-party intent and engagement signals enter your funnel as potential opportunities
  • A more evolved account prioritization system empowers marketing and SDR efficiency, which means more meetings booked with ICP accounts
  • Ultimately, an increase in the number of high-intent opportunities entering the sales pipeline

Are you ready to extract more value out of your Bombora insights? Speak to one of our experts to learn how to start identifying in-market accounts and convert them with BambooBox.
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