Simplifying Demand Generation

Episode: 4
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Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Raj Badarinath is CRO at ArrowStream, a software company helping the food service industry with actionable insights to optimize supply chain visibility and efficiency. Raj has held critical marketing positions throughout his career, including CMO at Algonomy.

His mission at ArrowStream has been to give a strategic direction to the much-talked about collaboration between sales and marketing. From setting up processes that bring the two functions together to adopting tech that fosters the collaboration, he’s been doing it all.

Raj discussed Sales and Marketing Collaboration with Ankur Saigal, Co-founder at BambooBox on the fourth episode of Simplifying Demand Generation.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the desire to combine the strategic nature of sales with the tactical capabilities of marketing made Raj move to a revenue function
  • Why both sales and marketing should bring the best practices in their respective playbooks to the table for an effective collaboration
  • Why the much-needed collaboration should begin with a consensus on the definition of pipeline stages and metrics
  • Both functions should be accountable for the pipeline and share more KPIs
  • How your martech and salestech should be connected to operationalize the revenue process
  • Why the collaboration should exist across the funnel to broaden the revenue sources

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