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The 2024 Marketing Vision: Convergence of ABM and Demand Generation

There is an inevitable shift brewing in B2B marketing. The need to “do more with less” in 2023 has eventually taken the shape of Convergence.

The inadequacies of independent ABM and Demand Gen motions running in parallel within organizations have necessitated an integration. The future of B2B marketing is one where both these functions will come together to share people, processes and technology to boldly face the global economic, political and social headwinds impacting it.

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The emergence of convergence

It’s a paradigm shift. And it’s set to be the biggest trend of 2024. The inefficiencies of running separate ABM and DG motions within B2B organizations need to be addressed. Understand why, how and what you need to take charge of this shift now.

What will enable convergence

While convergence is set to be the big thing, it’s not the end state. The end state is a smarter way of marketing. And as always, marketing will need tech to enable convergence to play out across the entire customer lifecycle in 2024.