Account Based

Transform your go-to-market strategy with Account Based Engagement

Navigate the complex loop of B2B buying journeys by bringing your sales and marketing teams together to execute winning Account Based Engagement strategies.

Ascertain buyer groups

Enrich your account and contact data with real-time insights from account activities and multiple touchpoints to precisely identify your buyer group personas.

Track engagement and intent signals

Using historical and current data, BambooBox helps you make sense of the engagement and intent signals to build qualified account lists.

Prioritize target accounts

BambooBox analyzes the demographic, behavioural and firmographic data of your buyer group across all channels to help you prioritize accounts with high buying intent to meet your pipeline goals. You can further segment the prioritized accounts to carry out strategic one-to-one engagements or scaled one-to-few and one-to-many engagements.

Orchestrate the buying journey

The advanced BambooBox orchestration engine helps you identify stage-appropriate next-best action for your prioritized accounts.

Improve pipeline process with BambooBox