Employee Speaks

Shreya Panale

Software Engineering Intern

Throughout my internship with BambooBox (B2), I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of what being an engineer is like in the real world. I was a part of the QA team and was assigned to automate the testing process. As a result, I collaborated with everyone in the team very efficiently, and everyone was helpful and open. There were no issues in communication with the team despite the current pandemic situation and the whole setup of virtual work, meetings, etc. I am excited to work in a startup environment as one gets to interact with everyone and learn from them. Moreover, it has given me the confidence to talk about the technical aspects and better understand how the corporate world works, which is only possible in startups. In MNCs, you get a tiny portion of the project where you are assigned predefined tasks. In contrast, at B2, I had the freedom to explore. BambooBox is a great place to work, and personally, my growth has been exponentially increasing here. I want to thank Divyesh and Ankur for providing this opportunity and always guiding me throughout the process.

– Shreya Yuvraj Panale