Employee Speaks

Ashwin Ram Kumar

Software Engineer

With the pandemic upon us, my plans had derailed, so I started searching for jobs on various platforms. One day, while applying on LinkedIn, I came across an opening at Bamboobox. For me, this was just some company looking for employees, and I was someone who was looking for a job, so I applied. After a couple of rounds of interviews, I was in!! Once I joined the company, I started getting exposure, grasped concepts as quickly as possible, and delivered our first MVP release. Throughout the journey, I have received deep, practical exposure to front-end, back-end technologies, docker, and a few other technology platforms within a short span of less than eight months. I am happy with the exposure and learning I received here, and what made me happier is that my efforts were well acknowledged and appreciated, resulting in a promotion.

I am happy and proud to be a part of the Bamboobox Family. I call it a Family; everyone is fantastic to work with and supported by a culture that promotes openness, encourages ideas and critical thinking. At the Bamboobox Family, every day at work is fun – empowered by team spirit and collective learning and sharing.

So cheers to the Bamboobox Family!!