Simplifying Demand Generation

A podcast by Ankur Saigal

The podcast for B2B marketers looking to make demand generation less

about the roadblocks and more about the awareness leaps.

Because demand generation is complex… and we want answers

B2B marketers are increasingly joining the demand generation camp. However, this shift has also brought out many of the complexities of B2B demand generation to the fore.

Demand marketers everywhere feel the perplexity arising from running multi-channel, multi-product demand generation motions across customer segments. As revenue teams look to harness the full potential of demand generation, they have been forced to understand and adapt to its nuances.

Simplifying Demand Generation is a podcast aimed at being the beacon for the B2B demand generation community. A monthly episode where Ankur Saigal, Co-Founder of BambooBox speaks with marketing experts and industry leaders to understand demand generation best practices.

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Episode: 1


Revenue teams need to de-clutter at multiple levels to simplify the demand generation function. Where are the areas you should focus on…Read more.

Episode: 2

Prakash Ramnath is VP & Head of Global Marketing @ PandoCorp, a new age supply chain and logistics tech startup. He is building the global…Read more.

Episode: 3


In the third episode of our Simplifying Demand Generation podcast titled Designing an Effective Outbound Motion, Justin shares…Read more.

Episode: 4


Raj Badarinath is CRO at ArrowStream, a software company helping the food service industry with actionable insights to optimize supply chain visibility…. Read more.

Episode: 5


Charles Crnoevich is VP – Partnerships & BD at Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data. He has more than a decade’s worth of experience working across various sales… Read more.