Simplifying Demand Generation

Episode: 3
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Designing an Effective Outbound Motion

“Inspire just enough curiosity” and “build a little bit of a relationship.” This is the advice Justin Lawson, CEO & Co-founder of JJELLYFISH has to offer to marketers looking to leverage outbound as an effective tool for a successful GTM in the US. JJELLYFISH equips B2B companies with the go-to-market expertise and execution skills needed to build their presence in the US.

In the third episode of our Simplifying Demand Generation podcast titled Designing an Effective Outbound Motion, Justin shares his proven tips for building goal-focussed outbound motions with Ankur Saigal. Some of the takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Why organizations must actively invest in determining the right product-market fit
  2. How companies can use outbound marketing to pick their most potent marquee customers
  3. Why companies should continually improvise their outbound tactics to determine the accuracy of their ICP
  4. Which metrics to track for understanding the outbound formula that works for you
  5. Why you should not be selling but securing meetings through your outbound mails