Simplifying Demand Generation

Episode 2
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Multi-product Demand Generation Motion

Prakash Ramnath is VP & Head of Global Marketing @ PandoCorp, a new age supply chain and logistics tech startup. He is building the global marketing team ground-up and scaling customer, partner and community outreach and engagement. Prakash is a seasoned marketer with 18+ years of cross-functional experience across B2C, as well as mid-market and enterprise B2B segments. He started with sales and has been in product management, product marketing, digital marketing, branding, partnerships and alliances.

In the second episode of Simplifying Demand Generation, Prakash discusses multi-product go-to-market tactics with Ankur Saigal, Co-founder of BambooBox.

Things you’ll learn in this conversation:

  • How an early multi-disciplinary exposure is an asset when you grow to lead an organization’s marketing function
  • How the industry is now looking at marketing as a critical part of the revenue operations
  • Why should B2B companies invest in building a strong brand in the early stages
  • How companies can reimagine organizational structure, sales & marketing collaboration, and tooling to navigate complexities in multi-product, multi-vertical demand generation motion