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Over the past 40 years, Forrester has provided independent research to help businesses and technology leaders accelerate growth. Forrester’s research reports help organizations in staying ahead of change, conquering priorities and preparing the teams for future.

BambooBox is thrilled and proud to be included in Forrester’s recent report- “The B2B Revenue Marketing Landscape, Q2 2023.” This is an exciting milestone for us that boosts our confidence as we move forward. 

Forrester defines a B2B revenue marketing platform as:

A comprehensive solution that enables marketing teams to execute their lifecycle revenue marketing (LRM) efforts by providing a holistic view of prospects, buying groups, and customers, as well as their interactions and impact on the business.

According to the Forrester report, these platforms help B2B marketers with identifying and prioritising opportunities, accessing omnichannel functionalities that deliver true real-time buyer enablement, and measuring marketing influence through full-lifecycle performance assessment.

BambooBox was listed as a vendor with focus on North America and APAC regions with industry focus as high-tech products, professional services, and telecommunications.

bamboobox in forrester q2 2023 landscape for b2b revenue marketing
A snippet from the Forrester Report showing BambooBox’s industry focus and offerings.

“In the past decade, marketing has undergone a dramatic shift due to changing buyer behavior, longer sales cycles, and multiple buyers making purchase decisions. As a result, marketing no longer has MQL goals. Instead, they are expected to achieve pipeline growth through revenue contributions. In spite of the increased pressure on marketing, technology hasn’t evolved at the same pace to support their goals. To bridge this gap, we have built a modern growth platform to help marketers move closer to their revenue goals. We bring consistency and predictability to your pipeline and align your sales and marketing teams to drive company growth.”~ Ankur Saigal, Co-founder, BambooBox

To help marketers lead revenue conversations and drive business growth, we will continue to build an innovative world-class product and support our customers worldwide.